SB SP Knowledge Quiz 3

SB SP Knowledge Quiz 3

This is my third quiz that will test your knowledge of the cartoon "SpongeBob Squarepants". What's your favorite SpongeBob character? Comment below. Mine would have to be Mr.Krabs, or Squidward. Feel free to request a quiz to be made. Check out my SpongeBob fanfic/parody "Real Life in Bikini Bottom". If I put SpongeBob in the title Qfeast will private my quiz, unfortunately.

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What is the name of the hotel that Mr.Krabs built?

Krabby Inn
Krusty Towers
The Krabton
The Anchor Suites
The Krusty Krab Hotel
Krust Paradise

How many Good Noodle stars does SpongeBob have?

What is the name of SpongeBob's Kindergarten teacher?


What was the highlight if Patrick, SpongeBob, and Mr.Krab's night out.

Eating at The Krusty Krab
The panty raid
Going to the alleyway behind SpongeBob's house
Partying with Pearl
Shopping at the Bargain-Mart
Visiting the arcade

Which of these sentences did Mr.Krabs say?

SpongeBob, brace it!
Another day, another migraine.
Ice is just a myth!
Welcome to money, I mean the Krusty Krab!
Plankton ahoy!
This is just a lie!

White sentence is said by SpongeBob.

I'm ready, depression...
The sweet smell of low salt ketchup!
Patrick look, a giant ice cube!
You took my only food, now I'm gonna starve.

What episode is paired with the episode "Culture Shock"?

Opposite Day
Spongegaurd on Duty

In what episode did Squidward tear SpongeBob's house down?

Opposite Day
Naughty Nautical Neighbors
Squid's Day Off
Club SpongeBob
Cephalopod Lodge
Rock Bottom