Dealing with Irrational Customers and Escalating Complaints

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Which of these characteristics does not generally occur when dealing with a customer that is abusive?

Customer Attitude improves when underlying issue is satifacturaly address
Personal insults are aimed directly at CSR
Hostile tone is used when explaining the issue.
The use of unacceptable language

Which approaches are suitable when dealing with emotional and unfocused customers?

Select the two correct answers
Using confident language to guarantee the customer positive assistance
Using open ended questions to encourage the cusomter to articiule the proble he is experiencing
Allowing the customer to dictate the pace of the conversation
Using closed ended questions to elicit specific information
Empathizing with the customer to acknowledge the problem
Using the customers name to keep his attention on the matter at hand.

Which of these actions should not be used in dealing with an abusive customer?

Select the two correct answers
Resond to the customer in the same manner
Remain professional
Put the cusomter on hold until he calms down
Terminate or esculate the call to a supperior in the call center
Warn the caller that you cannot help if unacceptible language continues

As a CSR, Which strategies can you use to manage a rambling customer?

Select the four correct answers
Be patient and listed carefulling, without interupting
Acknowledge the cusotmer and the information provided
Inform the custmer that you need to end the call, so you can start resolving the problem
Use the cusotmers name and closed ended questions
Politely interupt the cusomter, if the rambling goes on too long
Use open ended questions