Mercury Astronauts

Mercury Astronauts

In 1959, the newly born NASA program tested seven men we know as the Mercury astronauts to the test. What do you know about them?

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Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom commanded the second Mercury mission. The unexpected happened when...

Experienced John Glenn's famous fireflies, which sent his capsule sprawling in the other direction.
Gus' capsule started to sink. He fled and claimed it was a technical malfunction.
His capsule sank to the bottom of the ocean, and it was never found.
The capsule began to sink. Gus, panicking, opened the hatch and swam to safety.

Admiral Alan B. Shepard launched on what date, the same day as a Mexican holiday?


What was the brand of the car that all Mercury astronauts owned?


The traditional breakfast before a launch was...

Filet mignon, orange juice, bacon, and scrambled eggs
Bacon, hashbrowns, and scrambled eggs
Waffles, an apple, and bacon
Cinnamon toast, hashbrowns, and poached eggs

John Glenn, before he became an astronaut, repeatedly appeared on what show?