Which is the healthier food???

Which is the healthier food???

choose which you think is the healthier food. Than find out if you are RIGHT or WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

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Which is healthier?

french fries

which is a healthier dessert?

ice cream
chocolate cake

which cereal is healthier?

fruity pebbles
frosted flakes

which meal is healthier?

handburger, french fries and water
hot dog, french fries and diet coke

which drink is healthier?

root beer

which sandwich is healthier?

turkey and cheese
PB and J

which breakfast is healthier?

eggs and toast
french toast with strawberries

which meat is healthier?

hot dog

choose 2 things that would make the healthiest breakfast.

Select the two correct answers
an egg
french toast
an orange

which fast food place is healthier?

in and out