Are you nice???

Are you nice???

Take the quiz of niceness, are you nice or just plain mean?FOR GIRLS ONLY!!!

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Have you ever made anyone cry without physical abuse?

NEVER! how could someone do such a thing?
Once... but it slipped from my mouth...
Its my daily hobby!!!!

When there's an argument between two of your friends, what is your first reaction?

Seems like fun!Which side am i going to be on
They are such babies! Come on grow up!
The peacemaker to the rescue!! They will be friends again in no time!

Your crush asks your BFF out, what do you do?

Tell her it's either the boy or our friendship. She should know better
Tell her it's fine, even if you know she wouldn't be that mean to you, you choose your friends wisely.
Don't tell her anything, in fact you ignore her until she apologizes, its her fault he asked her out, right?

Some one from your math class is being teased by the meanest bullies from your school, you_______

Join in! It looks like fun! Anyway, so what if she's always nice to you, she should get a life!
Watch for a while, feel sorry, then go off with some of your friends, like i'm not a loner!
Go over there and stand up for her, who do they think they are?

Theres a annoying person in school, who always follows your posse around. Your always the first to tell her______

Go away, stop being annoying, get a life!
Whisper a plan to everyone except her, and whens she's not looking, call out and RUN!
Welcome her to a game of tag- she can't be annoying while were running away from her(she's the slowest runner!) and at the same time be nice to her, everyone deserves respect!