Do You know your 8th Grade History

Do You know your 8th Grade History

History, either you know it or you don't! Go back to 8th grade! You will love it! Take it I dare you! FAIL!

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Define Guru

Written Luanguage
Religious teacher
the divine law
seasonal wind

Which Indian Empire was known as a Golden Age?


Define Centralized Government

The Government in the Center
An Important Government
Rulers run everything

Which Group of people created the caste system?


Which Indian King rejected violence and embraced Buddhism?


Define reincarnation

rising from the dead
the idea of passing through many lives
living and dying then coming back to life
same thing as Karma

What is Dharma?

religious teacher
written launguage
seasonal winds
the divine law

Which religion believes the way to stop suffering is to stop desire and rejected the caste system?


who was the founder of Buddhism?

Siddhartha Gautna
Juleuis Ceaser

What is Daoism?

philosophy that promotes a peaceful society
pokes fun at human weaknesses
The day all people die

According to the legend, who founded the city of Rome?

Rumona & Beezus
Romulus & Venus
Siddharta Guampta
Romulus & Remus

What is a patrician?

a veteranarian
to be against something
wealthy land owners

What were the twelve tables?

tables that seated twelve
firts written laws
divine laws
twelve tables in an important room

Define Plebeians

a person how pleds
a farmer
someone who grows beans
member of common people

Define Latifunida

a large farming estate
a small farming estate
the big city

Define Dictator

person who ruled all perminantly with little power
person who ruled all perminantly with comeplete power
person who ruled temperarally with complete power
person who ruled temperarally with little power

What 2 helped Rome's trade?

Select the two correct answers
good roads
good tradesmen
ship yards
common currancy

What was the era called thats was period of 200 years of Roman Peace

Common era
Pax Romana
life and death
20-210 B.C.

Define Aqueduct

an under water sea lounge
a human channel built to carry water
an air vent
a cute little ducky

Define Forum

a Japanese Market plave and maret square
4 some XD Ew
a Roman market place and market square
a blank form or resume

Define mosaic

broken glass colored
a holy person from the bible
bits of colored broken bits formed to form a new picture
bits and peices of colored stone and glass for pictures

Define Barter and Inflation

Select the two correct answers
Rapidly increased prices
exchange of goods with money
exchanging goods without using money
Rapidly Decreasing prices

What happened when Roman coins lost value?

Select the two correct answers
people begain to barter
poeple threw them away

What happened after Jews rebelled against the Romans in A.D. 132?

The Romans rebelled back
Went and hide away for twenty years
They were all killed
They were banned from Jerusalum

What do Christians believe will happen if the accept Jesus and his teachings?

love and truth

What is the new testament?

Jesus' teachings
the bible
Accounts of Jesus' life
Accounts of Jesus' rising from the dead

What is the role of the pope?

leader of the Roman Catholic Church
to teach others about god and follow him
leader of the Christian Chruch
To tell others how to get to heaven

Who did the Romans see as a threat to the government?

Jesus & Christians

Define Apostle

a clothing store
an early christian leader, who helped set up chruches
Leader of The Roman Catholic Church
leader of Early Christian Chruches

What did the Byzantines believe about their emperor?

he shared his knowledge about Jesus Christ on earth
he was a friend of Jesus'
He was the all mighty god and was nice
Represented Jesus Christ on earth&controlled the chruch

Define Icon

Picture of broken people
Picture of religious people
a signal
Picture on only god

What did legalism teach?

new laws
how to behave
harsh laws and punishment
only punishment

how much of China's land was good for farming?


What was the network of trade routes

centralized government
train tracks
ship yards
silk road

Define Filail Piety

A greek dish
a Roman Holiday
Respect for elders