Advent and Christmas Quiz

Advent and Christmas Quiz

Check our understanding of our preparation for Jesus in the Liturgical year

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What does the word advent mean?

Christmas time
Holy Season

What do we do during Advent?

Praise mary and ask her for pray for us
Celebrate the last supper, and the Eucharist
Prepare for the coming of Jesus

What did St. Nicholas do?

Left gifts secretly at night for the poor.
Nursed the sick
Retold the story of the Nativity

Prophets told the people to prepare for the coming of our Savior. How can we prepare for the coming of the Savior?

Jesus became one of us to Save


What news did the shepherds receive from the Angels?

What is the name we often hear Jesus called at Christmas time and Advent?

The Son
Jesus Christ

During the Christmas season we celebrate the God is no longer with us. We pray in his absence.