staying safe on the internet!

staying safe on the internet!

see whether you have being paying attention to our website and test your knowledge on how to stay safe on the internet

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Should you give away your address, phone number or any passwords?

yes, you can give away all of them!
NO! definitely NOT!
give away your password if you want!!

If you get asked to meet someone that you met online, would you?

NO! never!!!
yes, sure what harm can they do?
em, maybe??

If you are getting bullied, what do you do?

Ignore them!
Tell and adult and they will know what to do
do what they are doing to you back!

What is it called if you are getting bullied online?

physical bullying

How should I get songs on the computer?

buy them off itunes or Napster or a good website
use youtube converter and get them that way
download them off any old website you can find!

Should i print my game off?

NO! it wastes my ink
yes, but shhh dont tell mum!