Advent quiz on December 2 2011 and I dont want to type anymore ahhhh helpl meeee

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What are the Advent colors?

Rose and Violet
Purple and Pink

What type of holiday is Advent

Advent starts after ...

How many Sundays are in Lent?

Advent starts to the closest Sunday to...

ADvent comes before...

How many days are in Advent?

What happens on the 27??

When did Adcent start in the 4th centuary??

Advent has been celebrated sience...

In Advent we...

Advent means...

wreath started in what century?

What colors are the Advent candles usually?

Why was Purple used?

3 Purple candles stand for what?

Pink candle repersents what?

3 Sunday in Advent is called what?

What color is the 5th candle? What does it represent?

Where did the Advent calanders come from?

Dark blue candles represent what?

Christmas season ends when?