Mega structures

Mega structures

Can you name the vast,record-braking structures across the world.Such as Dams etc.

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Which is the tallest tower in the world

Taipei 101,Taipei
Petronas Towers,Kuala Lumpur
Burj Khalifa,Dubai
Sears Tower,Chicago

Which structures are correctly matched with the cities where they are located

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Burj-al-Arab,Abu Dhabi
Jin Mao Tower,Shanghai
Empire State Building,New York
CN Tower,Vancouver
Imperial 1,Mumbai

Largest Under Water tunnel

Kent,England andNorthern France
Honshu and Hokkaido,Japan
Laerdal and Aurland,Norway
London,England and Paris,France

Largest Suspension Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge,USA
Brooklyn Bridge,USA
Sydney Harbour Bridge,Australia
Akashi Kaikyo,Japan

Largest Dam

Three Gorges Dam,China
Itaipu Dam,Brazil-Paraguay Border
Grand Coulee Dam,USA
Bhakra Nangal,India

Largest Stadium

Maracana Stadium,Brazil
May Day Stadium,Republic of Korea
Wembeley Stadium,UK

World's Largest Aircraft

Mil Mi-26 Halo
Antonov An-225 Mriya
None of These

World's Largest passenger plane

Boeing 787
Air India 234
Cathay Pacific 901
Airbus A380

Largest Cruise Ship

Oasis Of the Seas
Queen Mary 2
Golden Princess
Star Virgo

Where is the world's longest railway track located