How well do you know the Darkest Powers trilogy?

How well do you know the Darkest Powers trilogy?

Here are some questions to prove you have read the books! I wish you luck!

published on November 16, 20112 responses 0

In The Awakening, why is Derek so reluctant to leave the train while in Syracuse?

He's afraid of turning into a wolf and hurting people.
He's afraid of what wi.ll happen if he meets the Pack.
He knows some people- they could reckognise him and report him to the police.

In the summonig, Chloe learns that she is...

A necromancer
A werewolf
A vampire
A farie

What colour is Chloe's hair in the summoning?

Blonde with red highlights

The name of the company that experimented on Chloe and her friends is......

Volo Company
Lyle Scientists
Edison Group

Chloe is sent to Lyle House because she needed psychological counselling. The reason for this is because...

She was schizo from the beginning
She saw the ghost of a janitor and people thought she was crazy
She saw the ghost of a pitbulll and the people around her thought she was crazy

Lastly, which books are in the darkest powers trilogy?

Select the three correct answers
The Summoning
The Call
The Reckoning
The Reviving
The Awakening
The Assesment