Xray Tube

Xray Tube

This quiz examins parts of the xray tube, a special type of diode, part from notes, part from worksheet

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What material is alloyed with tungten in the target to increase strength?


Which materials are used for special xray tube target in mammography?

Hint: 1 choice
molybdenum and rhodium
iridium and copper
tungsten and iron

What are the three main parts of the xray imaging system?

Hint: 1 choice
anode, cathode, and focusing cup
anode, cathode, high voltage generator
xray tube, protective housing, and high voltage generator
xray tube, high voltage generator and image receptor

The prime reason for a glass envelope of an xray tube is to:

Hint: 1 choice
provide a vacuum
cool the tube
control leakage radiation

The protective housing of an xray tube is designed to:

Hint: 1 choice
reduce hazard of leakage radiation
reduce hazard of scatter radiation
control isotropic xray emission

Diagnostic xray tube is an example of which of the following?

Hint: 1 choice

Large filament is used during radiography when the heat load is:

Hint: 1 choice
low and visibility of detail is important
high and visibility of detail is important
low and high visibility of detail is important

In most xray tubes, there are two filaments to:

Hint: 1 choice
ensure saturation current
produce higher energy xrays
provide two electrodes
provide two focal spots

The focusing cup:

Hint: 1 choice
Is on the positive side of the xray tube
is slightly positive with respect to the filament
is the grid in a grid-controlled x-ray tube
is usually made of thoriated tungsten
selects the filament

Once filament temperature becomes adequate, a further small rise in filament temperature will cause tube current to:

Hint: 1 choice
decrease just a bit
decrease very much
increase just a bit
increase very much
not change

The cathode beam of an xray tube is the:

Hint: 1 choice
current that heats the filament
focused electron beam within the tube
off-focus radiation
primary xray beam
secondary radiation

The xray tube current:

Hint: 1 choice
controls xray energy
flows through both filaments at the same time
is controlled by the filament current
is the current that flows through the filament

The cathode is

Hint: 1 choice
a diode
designed to supply heat
once of the two parts of a diode
part of the target
positively charged

When a filament burns out:

Hint: 1 choice
it should be replaced within 30 days
the filament current goes to maximum
filament current goes to zero

The space charge effect:

Hint: 1 choice
is more pronounced at high kvp
is more pronouncedat low ma
limits kvp
occurs in the vicinity of the anode
occurs in the vicinity of the cathode