Malik is a charater on assassin creed so try to get at lease 3 right or u fail

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What happen to Malik Brother Kadar

Was killed by a templer becouse altair
malik killed him
was shot by a gun

What happen to Malik arm

They had to cut it of
he was born with out a arm
Kadar accently shot malik's arm

what does Malik wear over his assassin outfit

A wool sweater
a black coat with some white
a gaint pizza!!!!!!!!

Why did Malik hate altair

Altair made fun of him
altair keep blaming everthing on Malik when he got in troble
altair lead to the death of kadar and the lost of Malik's arm

What is Malik to altair today

Malik still hates Altair
Malik is Altair right hand man
Malik is trying to kill altair