Social Studies Practice test

Social Studies Practice test

A practice test for me to study before my test tomorrow in social studies.

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What is the purpose of the united nations?

A to create laws and rules.
To pramote world peace.
To discuss the government.

What does GNP Mean?

Select the one correct answers
It is the total goods plus the net income from foreign investments.
The total income made from the goods.

What does GDP Mean?

Select the one correct answers
The amount of companies that a country has in one year.
The total goods produced and services provided by a country in one year.

What is cultural diffusion?

When cultures are passed on.
When a culture spreads.
When a country has more then one culture.

What is an ethnic group?

Select the one correct answers
A group of people that have a common culture.
A group of people who have diffrent cultures.
A group of people that change culture a lot.

What is cultural diversity?

Select the one correct answers
Having many diffrent cultures in the same area.
Having the same culture in one area.
Having only 3 or less cultures in the same area.

What is population density?

How many people per country.
How many people per square mile.
How many people per continent.

What are the 3 types of Economic Systems?

Select the three correct answers
Command Economy.
Market Economy.
Independent Market.
Traditional Market

Witch Economic system is the most common?

Witch country has the highest population density?

Witch country has the smallest population density?

What is smallest country?

Vatcin City
United Kingdom

What is the biggest country?