The 1920s and 30s

The 1920s and 30s

Answer these questions for practice for your test on the roaring twenties and the dirty thirties!

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What year was the Winnipeg General Strike and how long did it last?

1920, lsted 6 weeks
1918, lasted 10 weeks
1919, lasted 6 weeks
1921, lasted 5 weeks

What caused the strike?

Select the one correct answers
growth of winnipeg, political issues, and returned veterans
inflation, returned veterans, war profetieers
inflation, growth of winnipeg, political issues

What was the first province that women were able to vote?

Name 2 of the Famour Five women.

Name two changes that occured during the twenties.

Which of the following was not a result of Henry Fords automobile assembly line?

New industries created
many problems (pollution, traffic)
changed north american life
lost peoples jobs

What were 3 best known characteristics of flappers?

Select the three correct answers
Short hair
baggy clothes
cloche hat
unbuckled shoes
low waistlines
above knee skirts

What did the radio do?

Who was Al Capone?

Select the three correct answers
legendary gangster
the american Rocco Perri
head of chicago crime organization

What is prohibition?

When did prohibition happen and what was the first province to adopt it?

Who wanted prohibition?

Why did people want prohibition?

Why were people against prohibition?

Where couold people go to get alcohol during prohibition?

What was it called to smuggle alcohol across the border?

what was the main reason why prohibiton dropped?

What was the meaning of these 1920 slang terms- splifficated, hep, gate crashers, berries?

drunk, cute, burgalurs, beautiful
drunk, wise, police raid, the best
out to lunch, boring, police raid, the best

What was the day the stock market crashed called and when did it crash?(month year)

What happens in recession?

Select the one correct answers
sales- declining
prices- rising
unemployment- falling

What were the 2 things that Canada relied on that contriuted to the stock market crash?

What is the result of high tariffs placed on foreign goods?

What did the people who invested in stocks using credit do when the market crashed?

What cause king not to get re-elected?

What did Bennet promise?

What were horse drawn cars and newspaper covers called?

Did Bennets or Kings decisions end the depression?


What was a benefit of the "New Deal"

What did the new political party, the CCF, stand for?

what was the strike called where men fled to ottawaw to complain about the relief camps?

Who was allowed in relief camps?

Only single men
Only families

What were men in relief camps paid and where were they located?

Give 2 examples of the plagues that came with the dust bowl.