How much do you know about The Fault in Our Stars?

Okay, I know the movie is coming up so I want to make this before the movie so it will only be people who read the book not people who watch the movie and claim I AM THE GREATEST FAN EVER!!! So, yeah. Take this quiz.

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What kind of cancer did Augustus Waters have?

When Augustus took Hazel to Funky Bones and offered her his Genie wish to go to Amsterdam, who's jersey was he wearing?

Rik Smits
Michael Vick
erm IDK

What is Hazel's full name?

The first time Hazel and Augustus visited Funky Bones, Augustus pictured himself as the kid. The second time what did Augustus picture himself as?

The ground
The Skeleton
The sky
The kid again

What is Isaac's last name?

Van Houten
None of the above.

Finish this quote. "Okay?" " ."

Who wrote The Fault in our Stars?

John Watson
Hank Green
John Green
Isaac Green