Would I Date You?!

Would I Date You?!

This is a short quiz for you to see if I would date you!! For guys only please :P haha

published on October 29, 201172 responses 14 4.7★ / 5

Do you like the loudness of concerts??


What personality traits do you have*?
*that you think i would like.

Select the two correct answers
Bad Boy :P
Jerk :/

Do you like a girl based only on looks?

Actually, yes, pretty much.
No, not fully.

Last Question, where would you like to go on a dream vacay that you also think i'd like to go on?

Select the five correct answers
Bollywood, India
London, England
Venice, Italy
Honalulu, Hawaii
The Bahamas
Ireland *anywhere in Ireland.. I'm Irish(: *
Sicily, Italy
Tokyo, Japan

Just Kidding!!!! That wasn't the last question!!! Last question, will you comment on this quiz (or send me a email)? *you totally should!

No, this quiz was stupid. *Yes it kinda was, but i was bored(:*
Yes, of course!!!! *yayyyy(:*