Guess The Sonic Song!

Guess The Sonic Song!

So I had one out for normal songs, but now it's time to prove if you're a loyal Sonic the Hedgehog fan! Each question will be lyrics from well-known Sonic songs, you just have to guess the title!

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I've been here before and I know that, we must stand up tall. I'm not scared to ask when I'm not sure, we can overcome it all!

Follow Your Heart
Speak With Your Heart
Don't Fall Apart

Now once upon a time, you can be a bad guy, and you live to see another day. But now you've never managed, boy you'd be brain-damaged, just to think that you could get away!

Team Chaotix
Once Upon A Time
A Bad Guy

You and I are the same in the way that, We have our own styles and we won't change. Yours is filled with evil and mine is not, There is no way I can lose!

We Won't Change
Thunder, Rain and Lightning
Open Your Heart

It's been a long, rough road and I'm finally here. I move an inch forward, it feels like a year. Everything I feel seems so unreal, is it true? Is it true?

I Am (All Of Me)
All Hail Shadow
Never Turn Back

Cuz every night I will save your life. And every night I will be with you. Cuz every night I still lay awake, and I dream, of an absolution.

Dreams of an Absolution
What You Dream

I see no, hear no evil. Black writings on the wall, unleashed a million faces, and one by one they fall.

All Hail Shadow
I Am (All Of Me)
Throw It All Away

Drop that smile, cuz you're beaten again! No, this is where my journey begins!

Endless Possibilities
His World
Dear My Friend

Beware the time as it moves along, taking you back, always feeling strong.

His World (Original)
His World (Crush 40 remix)
His World (Zebrahead remix)

And now the hardest one!: Been running with the rude boys, for much too, much too long. You think you are, one of them.

His World
It Doesn't Matter