warrior cats (5)

this is about the Warriors series and your knowlage about them. I love them.

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Does Fire star kill Scourge?

Yes, he did
No, he didn't
I don't know

Who does the pack of dogs attack?

Bright paw and Swift paw
Blue star and Fire heart
How would I know, I haven't gotten this far in the series!

How did Silver stream die?

By a monster
Eating deathberries
Having her kits
By another cat
Because she was to old

Who does Fire star name as deputy when he first becomes leader?

Dark stripe
Long tail
White storm

How does Gray pool die?

Drowning in the river
Tiger star scaring her
Another cat

How did Blue star die??

By a pack of dogs
Tiger star killed her
By a monster

What omen did Running nose tell Fire heart about their new leader

Tiger claw (or Tiger star) is the new leader of Wind clan
He is going to die
He is going to kill Blue star