Welcome to the Real World.

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Why are you taking this questionnaire?

Select the six correct answers
I am a bored, relatively lonely human being who is amused by the idea that i can tell my opinions to a computer who is unable to answer in any way.
im drunk.
because i love you... (otherwise known as 'all of the above")
i thought perhaps it would reveal some small, insignificant part of my shrivelled, uncanny personality which i am yet to discover.
im researching the level of skill required to compose a questionnaire which engages the participants and challenges their predisposed perceptions of the world in which we exist.
i thought it would be fun.

If i said there was a horse outside of your window right now, would you go look?

Select the five correct answers
I live in an enormous white cushion-walled room that hurts my eyes. Also, it has no windows. And im allergic to equine species, so all being considered, No. I guess Not.
why is there a horse in my stained-glass window.
yes, but only because i love you...
"how much is that equine in the window"
omnomnomnom horseburger

how long is a piece of string.

Select the three correct answers
you have the wit of a lioness
i agree with the above,
i'd have to say i agree with both of the aboves as well, really.