SpongeBob QuizPants

SpongeBob QuizPants

Ever wanted to know if you are a real fan of SpongeBob? Take the test and if you pass the score mark, your a fan!

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What was SpongeBob originaly going to be called?

SpongeBob (He's always been planned to be called that)

Who is SpongeBob's 2nd best friend? (Clue: Check out the episode Little Yellow Book for the answer)

Mr. Krabs

What is the pilot episode of the show?

Help Wanted/Reef Blower/Tea At The Treedome
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Christmas Who?
Drive Thru/Hot Shot

SpongeBob always fails his....

Boating Exam
Krusty Krab Shift

To help SpongeBob when he kept shrinking the bikini bottomites, what word did Patrick create?

Finish the quote: "We should take Bikini Bottom and..."

Put it on fire!
Push it to the Atlantic Ocean!
Push it somewhere else!