SpongeBob QuizPants

SpongeBob QuizPants

Ever wanted to know if you are a real fan of SpongeBob? Take the test and if you pass the score mark, your a fan!

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What is the pilot episode of the show?

Help Wanted/Reef Blower/Tea At The Treedome
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Christmas Who?
Drive Thru/Hot Shot

Who is SpongeBob's 2nd best friend? (Clue: Check out the episode Little Yellow Book for the answer)

Mr. Krabs

What was SpongeBob originaly going to be called?

SpongeBob (He's always been planned to be called that)

SpongeBob always fails his....

Boating Exam
Krusty Krab Shift

To help SpongeBob when he kept shrinking the bikini bottomites, what word did Patrick create?

Finish the quote: "We should take Bikini Bottom and..."

Put it on fire!
Push it to the Atlantic Ocean!
Push it somewhere else!