Zena's gardening quiz

You can do this :-) Just think back to everything you've learned and have fun!

published on April 25, 20140 responses 0
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What did we create with the pavers that we moved into place by the fence on your first day of work here?

A mowing edge
A hopscotch path
A shortcut to Toots

When is the best time to dig up and transplant a deciduous tree like a maple? (Deciduous trees are those that lose their leaves in the winter. Coniferous trees retain their green needles all winter)

Springtime before the leaves come out (Like NOW!)
Summertime - if you cross your fingers.
Winter - you might need a backhoe to break through the ground...

What is a good material sold in rolls that you can lay down on the ground if you don't want weeds to grow?

Toilet paper
Landscape fabric
Christmas paper

What kind of fertilizers are best to feed plants? (Remember the fast food and vegetables example I gave?)

Miracle grow
Bone meal
Worm poop
Composted manure
fish fertilizer
All of the above

What is the biggest difference between the thyme you use for cooking, and the creeping thyme you use to plant in between flagstones or on a retaining wall to make a mat that will hang over?

The cooking thyme grows like a little bush and the creeping thyme hugs the ground.
The creeping thyme smells like kool-aid.
The cooking thyme spends the winters in Italy.

What is mulch good for?

A topping for pizza.
To spread around plants to help reduce weeds.
To mix with hot chocolate.

What do the flowers of blue hydrangea look like?

They look like forget-me-nots.
They look like gladiolas.
They are big and poofy and come in many shades of white, blue, pink and purple.

When is the best time to prune roses?

In the fall.
After they flower.
Before the leaves come out.

Should weak and/or old branches be removed from plants when you prune them?

No, leave them they look nice.
Yes, cut them off back to where they join on to a good branch.
Only if you can do it with your eyes closed...

What's the most important thing to do after you've divided a perennial like oregano into little pieces if you want to replant them?

Stick the rooted pieces into a pot with soil and water it.
Say a prayer that it will survive
Keep it away from the dogs
All of the above