Science Chapter 4 Test

Physical Science Chapter Three Test Laws of Motion, Forces Newton's law, force computations, force vs. momentum

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For every action force, there is an equal and opposite reaction

Frictional force air exerts on a moving object

Ay object shot or thrown through the air

Acceleration toward the center of a circle

a property of any moving object

A net force acting on an object causes the object to accelerate in the direction
depends on: 1, size of force- more force = more A
2.mass of the object- more mass = less A

the force that causes an object moving along a circular path to move along circular path to move toward the center of the path.

The greatest velocity reached by a faliing object

A law stating that the total momentum of a group of objects is conserved unless a net force acts on the object

human-made device that orbits Earth

everything is accelerated at what?

air resistance pushes...

air resistance dependsa on:

projectile motion-


free fall

momentum in = ...