Benefits of Documenting

By reading the provided text you can answer these questions and become more familiar with the benefits of pedagogical documentation.

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Pedagogical documentation creates:

values, beliefs and attitudes: helps us alter our thinking towards a positive approach that can be applied in the classroom
cultural and traditional values: helps us share with others what we think is important, what we love and what we have learned
shared understanding:It is not only our students’ thinking that becomes visible through pedagogical documentation, but our thinking as educators
becomes visible as well, opening up the possibility for shared reflection on the learning process

Pedagogical documentation celebrates the rights of:

individual learners

Pedagogical documentation recognizes:

student's ownership of their learning
the learning processes
what children have done throughout the day

Pedagogical documentation actualizes shared accountability by:

Select the three correct answers
accountability to self
accountability to each other
accountability to larger community

Consequently, pedagogical documentation is a vehicle for learning that bridges understanding of children and adults by:

providing a voice in learning for everyone
creating a means of displaying children art work
in depth process for teachers to record what children have learned