Perioperative Nursing Care

Perioperative Nursing Care

Nursing Care of the Surgical Patient: Pre-surgical assessment, positioning on OR table and patient safety.

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Who's responsibility is it to initially explain the operative procedure to the patient?

OR Nurse
Primary Doctor

What is the first thing you do as the nurse when you greet the patient?

Shake the patient's hand and the hands of the family members.
Ask the patient what type of surgery is he/she having done today.
Introduce yourself and confirm the patient's identity verbally and by name band.

As you roll the patient to OR they complain about the coldness. What would you do?

Tell them it is that way for their own good because they are in the OR.
Offer the patient a warm blanket and explain why it is cold.
Tell the patient that they will get use to the cold.

Name equipment you might see in the OR room?

Select the three correct answers
Patient toilet
Bovie Machine
Bair hugger/Warming Blanket
Patient Bed

Name the sterile attire of the scrub tech.