Harry Potter Quiz (2)

Harry Potter Quiz (2)

Test your knowledge on the Harry Potter series - How much do you know?

published on October 14, 201172 responses 26 2.7★ / 5

******* Snape

Albus Percival ******* Brian Dumbledore

In which book did Dumbledore die?

HP 1
HP 2
HP 3
HP 4
HP 5
HP 6
HP 7

Who murdered Lily Potter? (original name)

gamekeeper of Hogwarts

Who is the Potions master? (select two)

Select the two correct answers
Severus Snape
Quirinus Quirrel
Pomona Sprout
Horace Slughorn
Poppy Pomfrey

What allowed the Death Eaters into Hogwarts?

Tom Marvolo Riddle unscrambled (all letters capitalized)

The village near Hogwarts


Who is Harry Potter's youngest son mentioned? (full name)

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Who is Head of Gryffindor?

Slytherin? (in books 1-5)



What does Harry Potter want to become?

******* "Mad-eye" Moody

Rowena Ravenclaw's ******

What animal represents Hufflepuff?