The Federal Government

How well do you know the Federal Government? Take this quiz, to see how well you know the government.

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What are the branches of Government?

President, Vice President, and Mayor.
Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.
Turkey, Bacon, and Eggs
Mayor, Lawyers, and President

What is the Legislative Branch?

The Law Making Branch
Headed by the President and Vice President
Gives vetos (or bills)
Eat and sleep all day.

What does appropriate mean?

Being nice to some one else.
Giving to others.
Set something aside for appropriate manners.
No swearing.

Who is the Executive branch made up of?

Mayor and Lawyers
President and Vice President
Lawyer and a citizen
Father and Mother

What is the Judicial Branch made of?

House of Representatives
Supreme Court

Name one part of the Cabinet.

The Secretary of State
Secretary of the School

Which court is the highest legal system?


What is constituents?

The people of their home states and districts
Bring formals charges against
Sets aside
Going to school, and making a quiz for a class.

What does the Checks and Balances do?

Makes sure one branch has less power.
Makes sure one branch has the same as all the others.
Makes sure all branches are even. Not one has to much power or too less.
Makes sure the President is doing his job.

Can the President make laws official?