Inference Quick Check

Inference Quick Check

Please read each question carefully and answer questions fully. Use details when it asks for them.

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Of all the chores Michael had around the house, this was his least favorite. Folding the laundry was fine; doing the dishes, that was alright. But he could not stand hauling the large bags over to the giant silver canisters. He hated the smell and the possibility of rats. It was disgusting.

Infer - What chore is Michael doing? Use 1 detail from the text to support your answer.

Infer – How does Michael feel about this chore? Use 1 detail from the text to support your answer.

NASCAR is the National Association for Stock Car Racing. In recent years, this organization has made some changes in its rules. For example, steel and foam cushioning has been placed around NASCAR tracks to better absorb impact from hurtling cars. Race car drivers must now wear special head restraints that limit their neck movement during sudden stops. Air filters have been added to race cars to keep carbon monoxide out of the cockpit. The tires also have straps now to keep the wheels from flying off during crashes.

Infer – Why were changes made to NASCAR rules? Support your inference with 1 detail from the text and 1 detail from your background knowledge.

Today I was late for my volleyball game. Mom pulled the car over several times to study the map she had printed off the Internet. Mom even made me go into a convenience store to see if I could get some help in there. When we finally got to the gym, the girls on my team were almost finished warming up. What can you infer based on the passage?

The girl and her mom got lost on the way to the game.
The girl and her mom had car trouble on the way to the game
The girl was not an important player on her team.

Justin grabbed the leash and quickly put it around Tooli's neck. He stormed out the door with Tooli coming right behind. He said, "Hurry up, Tooli. You're always so slow." Justin kept his head down and walked quickly down the road, not speaking to anyone that he saw.

Infer - What is Justin doing in the passage? Use 1 detail from the text to support your answer.

Infer - How does Justin feel in the passage? Use 1 detail from the text to support your answer.

Due to their incredible force and unpredictability, floods can cause tremendous damage. They can ruin houses, roads and buildings. Floods can take down trees and cause mudslides. It often leaves mud, sand and debris behind. It can take months to clean up after a flood. Based on what you have read, you can infer that:

After flood waters dry up then the problem is over.
Floods are not that dangerous.
Cleaning up after a flood can be expensive and take time.