The Movie (stars) Quiz !

Try this short 5 questions Quiz and see what's your knowledge about the greatest movie stars ever ! Don't forget to comment what you think about it !

published on April 13, 20145 responses 0

The new movie "Noah" is directed by...

Clint manwell
John bowen
Andrew Weisblum
Darren Aronofsky
Scott Swarthenski

What is Brad's Pitt birthdate ?

June 1, 1967
September 26, 1964
December 18, 1963

Playing for Keeps (2012) is a romantic comedy starring...

Gerard Butler
Eva Mendez
Richard Gere
Adam Sandler

What year was the movie "Pretty Woman" released (in the USA) ?


Which ones of the following matches are right ?

Select the four correct answers
Nicolas Cage/ Nicolas Kim Coppola
Woody Allen/ Allan Stewart Konigsberg
Cary Grant/ Archibald Leach
Jackie Chan/ Yun Sun Lo Chan
Michael J. Fox/ Michael Andrew Fox
Jamie Foxx/ James Flinders
Angelina Jolie/ Christina Victoria Jolie