Count with maths

Count with maths

Read the question carefully and select the correct one answer that you think is right. Remember use your fingers to help you.

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Jack wants to buy 3 lollies, he has $1.20.
Each lollie costs .30c. How many lollies can he buy?


Tracey wants to buy ice cream for her. She has $2.00. Ice cream with 1 scoop cost $80 she wants 2 scoops how much money will she have left?


George & Kate both have $2.50. They want to buy a drink, it costs $1.2o. How much will it cost for 2 drinks?


Bonnie really wants to buy some apples but she has .80c, one apple cost .25c. How many can she buy?


Jill wants to buy a cup cake it costs $3.20 she has $4.00. How much will she have left?