Assassin's Creed III Test of awesomeness (Assassins only)

Assassin's Creed III Test of awesomeness (Assassins only)

For players who play assassins creed III A hour or two and is very good at beating missions

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What was Connor(Ratonhaké:tón) ship named?

The Aquila
Man o' war
The jackdaw

In the DLC(Tyrannyofkingwashington) what was Washington's item that made him great?

Shard of eden
The apple

In the game who assisted the Patriots against the British?

The French?
The Natives
The Spanish

What mission is when connor found out that Washington ordered to burn down Connors village?

Alternate Methods
Battle of Bunker Hill
Broken trust

Which of these choices are Templars?

Hint: 2 choices
Haytham Kenway
Deborah(dobby) Carter
John Pitcairn