Student Loans Quiz

Take this quiz to see how much you know about student loans and how you would do if you had one.

published on April 10, 20140 responses 0

You made $3500 working at your summer job. Do you:

a) go to New York with friends
b) put the money towards paying off your $30000 loan
c) go on a shopping spree

If the bank offered you a $30000 loan would you:

a) ask for $25000
b) take the $30000
c) ask for more

Your friend invites you out to dinner but you have already ate out this week. You:

a) go out to eat, twice a week isn't too much money
b) go out to eat at an expensive fancy restaurant
c) eat in or reschedule to the next week

You are now out of University and you are making $700 a month at your new job. You want to pay off your student loan as fast as possible. Should you:

a) don't pay it off, leave it for your parents
b) put down $700 a month
c) put down $200 a month

Your family has invited you on a big trip, it will cost you $5000 . You have the money but you could also put it down for your still remaining $25000 student loan. You:

a) go on the trip, it will be a good experience
b) don't go and put the money towards your loan
c) offer to pay for your mom and dad as well