Do you know Dani Cimorelli??

Do you know Dani Cimorelli??

She is like my idol. I got to meet her in the photo below (im ugly, she's pretty) and I can't imagine what it would be like if we were REAL friends. I got to gather up a few information, so here we go!!

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Which is the only reason Dani likes the Jets?

They have girls on the team
They have Tim Tebow
Their little league is from California

What religion does she believe in?


On her July 4th Playlist, how many of the songs were Big Time Rush??

Dani prefers ____ movies.

What are some of her famous Twitter mottos?

Select the four correct answers
"I don't know why people say out of the blue...why not green, or out of the pink? WHAT'S BLUE??"
"What's a fetus?"
"Unicorn...unicorn....ate a booger"
"Umm newsflash! You can't lock me out of my own room!"
"ONE chance babyyyy!"
"Lauren stop slapping me, I'm not your husband"

Of what show, does she enjoy to watch as a mysterious thriller?

House of Anubis
The Notebook