do you have any chance with the girl you like?

find out how good you are at hooking up a girl! this quiz is meant for mainly high schoolers ut could work well for people 16-30

published on March 25, 201410 responses 0 3.0★ / 5

would you rather have...

sex then dinner with her
kids then sex each night
a girl who cooks then a girl who's willing to have sex
what she wants to do then sex (unless of course, she wants sex)

do you want kids?

Select the two correct answers
i dont really care
depends perhaps later in life

is sex each night important?

do you like a HOT girl?

what type of girl suits you best?

Select the two correct answers
dumb but hot
smart girl that loves to have sex
the one that loves me and is smart
one that wants kids and loves me