Spanish Challenge

Spanish Challenge

This following quiz tests your foreign knowledge over Spanish! Do you think you got what it takes? Take a chance and try it out! Good luck!

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What is the correct meaning of the word "nacer?"

To be in labor
To be pregnant
To be born

Choose the correct way to say "baby bottle" in Spanish.

El biberon
El parto
La operacion
La contraccion

How many stages does a female go through in pregnancy?


In which order do the stages of pregnancy occur?

Tercer, Primer, Segundo
Segundo, Primer, Tercer
Primer, Tercer, Segundo
Primer, Segundo, Tercer

How do you say "pregnancy" in Spanish?

Translate: el cordon umbilical.

Translate: estar de parto.

Translate: llamarse.

Translate: la sala de bebes.

Translate: el parto/el alumbramiento.