Practice quiz for the Renaissance Timeline quiz. It will help me to study and get a good grade.

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In what year did _______ invent the movable type printing in Germany?

In what year did ________ bring Christianity to Ireland?

In what year did England's King John sign the ___________ that limited kingly power?

27 B.C.-180A.D. was the time of the what and the peak of Roman power?

In what year did the Vandals ravage Italy?

In 1294A.D., which pope was elected? And his quarrels with whom lead to the beginning of a decline of papal power?

When was the Battle of Hastings?

In 1066A.D., who was the King of Britain, and the conquest of Britain was by whom?

In 410 A.D., Who sacks Rome, the Romans leave where, and after their departure, The Germanic _________________invades Britain and establish settlements?

When was the High Middle Ages and the peak of religious castle building activity all across Europe?

From 1347-1349A.D., what strikes Europe?

In 1350A.D., where was the dawn of the Renaissance?

What famous Italian Renaissance painter was born in 1444A.D.?

In what year was the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and the beginning of the Dark Ages; rpid decline in learning and art? Germanic Chief Odoacer became the king of Rome.

In what year was the Italian artist and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci born?

In 1453, who captures Constantinople? And The _______ Roman Empire collapses.