Guess that song!

Guess that song!

This quiz is gonna tell you if you know your songs or if you just listen to them and don't pay attention

published on March 20, 201416 responses 1
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Give me a second I, I need to get my stories straight my friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state my lover shes waiting for me just across the bar my seats been taking by some sunglasses asking bout a scar and I know I gave it to you months ago

Give me a second
We are young

I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed you've broke all your promises and now your back, you don't get to get me back!


This one is for the boys with the boomer system top town AC with the cooler system when he come up in the club he be blazing up got stacks on deck like he saving up


The dark is to hard to beat, and I'm not keeping up, the strength I need to push me, you show the lights that stop me turn to stone


I guess I just lost my husband I don't know where he went, so I'm gonna drink my money I'm not gonna pay his rent (Nope) I got a brand new attitude and I'm gonna wear I tonight


Right from the start you were a thief you stole my heart, and I your willing victim, I let you see the parts of me that weren't all that pretty, and with every touch you fixed them


Once upon a time a few mistakes ago I was in your sights you got me alone you found me (x3) I guess you didn't care and I guess I liked that


Don't you ever say I just walked away I will always want you I can't live a lie running for my life I will always want you


Where have the times gone baby its all wrong where are the plans we made for two yeah I, I know its hard to remember the ppl we used to be its even harder to picture that your not here next to me


When the days are cold and cards fold and the saints we see are all made of gold, when your dreams all fail and the ones we hail are the worst of all and the bloods run stale


This is how I show my love, I made it in my mind becuz, I blame it on my A.D.D. baby! This is how an angel cries, I blame it on my own sick pride


Beauty queen of only 18 she had some trouble with herself, he was always there to help her, she always belonged to someone else, I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door, I've had you so many times but somehow I want more, I don't mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pouring rain, look for the girl with a broken smile, and ask her if she wants to stay a while...