Impossibble quiz 3.0

Can you pass? This crazy quiz will blow your mind when you see the results! If you get 20/20 congrats. :P

published on March 17, 201411 responses 4

If your awesome spell it.

Who discovered human farts?

A pie that reminds you of a popular game.

How do you grow a tail?

If your using a detangling brush when your hair is not tangeled with detangling spray, What is your hair like at the end?

What game is this cake from?

What game is this cake from?

Who is this?

Who is this?


Cake. Like in the 1st 2nd or 3rd question?

Why do you like to fail things (Yes. I READ CHUR MINDZ)

Go to http//

Who am I? who are you? what are you!?

What is the most popular troll face?

Ben, Jeff or Smile Dog?

Will you fail this question????

What type of questions do I have so far?

123456789101112131414151617181920 What number from 1-20 did I type twice?

What will you get as your score?

How do you say GJHMYN

Will this be the end of this Impossible test? (Say IDK if you did not read description.)

Troll Time!!!

Harry Potter has how many galleons in his hand in the first movie?

Cake restores how many hearts in minecraft?

Cake restores how many hearts in minecraft?

What iPhone do I have? What iPhone will I get in September?

Last question. BAI!