I am David

These questions will help you understand if you got the gist of I am David

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Why did the guard let david escape?

Because he loved davids mother
Because he liked david
Because he felt bad for david

Why did maria worship david?

Select the two correct answers
He is older than her
He saves her from the fire
he tells her many things and cares for her

from the text you can infer that david is suspicious of everyone. Which detail proves this point?

David hesitated before stealing the food from the 2 farmers after escaping the camp
David peers closely at a mans face before allowing him to hold his bundle
David refuses sandwiches from a woman in a car because he thinks thats her way of luring him into a trap

List with commas (,) the names of the eldest kids in the family that david stayed with.

Why did david save maria from the fire?

He felt that it was his duty
He felt bad that a pretty girl like maria was going to die
He wanted to do something in return for god.
he wanted to show the boys that they were wrong because they were playing with fire.

Why did the Nazis put david in a concentration camp?

Select the two correct answers
Because he was Jewish
Because his parents were nazi opposers
because his parents were johannes friends
Because his parents spoke out against the nazis
Because they killed a nazi

Which of these reasons are NOT why people think david is strange?

Select the two correct answers
Because he acts like and adult
Because his eyes look very childish
Because he cannot smile
Because he is suspicious of everyone
Because he speaks in a perfect way

Where is david traveling from?

Who tells David to escape, just one word

Why does the woman talk to david in the road? Be simple, 5 words.

Based on their actions, why does the mother of the big family not like david?

Because she thinks he has great speech
Because he listens to Mozart
Because he knows everything about the dangers in life.
all of the above