Minecraft 7.5, How Well Do You Know Minecraft?

Minecraft 7.5, How Well Do You Know Minecraft?

Want to test your Minecraft knowledge? This test is perfect then! Post your rating in the comments!

published on March 13, 201431 responses 1

What mob looks like it's crying?

Enderman, they cry when they touch water.
*No comment*
Zombie, duh.
I don't play Minecraft... I just like it but don't know anything about it whatsoever.
Ghast, watch out for it's fireballs!
Spider, they bite you and make you cry. :3

What are materials that are very valuable?

What are materials that are very valuable?
Select the three correct answers
Iron, so shiny...
Gold, butter! (I don't like Skydoesminecraft btw xD, just for you Sky-Fans though.)
Diamonds, freaking DIAMONDS!
Coal, let's cook!
Emeralds, we better find some Villagers to trade with!

What are Underworld mobs?

Select the three correct answers
I have know idea.
Zombiepigman, how did Zombies and Pigs mix?
Herobrine... o...m...f...g... is he... BEHIND ME?
Ghasts, giant white octopus thingies! :3
I'm in it for the ratings, just going to guess.
Don't care... moving on.

Who is the lead developer of Minecraft?

I really don't care about any of these people.
Notch, omfg, thanks.... for.... MINECRAFT!
Jeb, he's responsible for the Wolves... thanks!
Herobrine, I thought he was removed...

How was the Creeper made? And what does it look like?

Select the two correct answers
It's green, with light and dark green specks on it.
It was made on accident when they tried making a tree.
It was just there, looking like a boss.
It was made accidentally when they tried to make a Pig.
It really is a giant booger shaped weirdly.

What's the Creepers nickname?

Creepus Explodeus, he creeps on us then explodes us!
Explodeus Creepus, maybe?
Creepah, likabaws.

What sound does an Enderman make when it touches water?

I love water!
How should I know? I'm not an expert!

What's in the End?

Sand...Sandstone... you know... the usual.
I don't know, I've never been there.
I don't care.
Obsidian, only Obsidian.

So you want to find food, but how?

So you want to find food, but how?
Kill animals! Or just starve. Your choice.
Mine, I find plenty of food down there!
Go to the Nether unarmed, it always works!

What's the first thing you do when your in a small Village, but there's TONS of food?