How well do you know your minecraft mobs? Pt. 1 Overworld

Hey minecraft fans!! Were you always sure you knew your minecraft mobs?Are you a master, starter, or an epic fail on minecraft? learn your minecraft mobs here!

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What mob is angry at night, survives at day, and clams down at daylight?

Skeleton Jockey
What's a mob?

Choose 2 ways to defend yourself from mobs at nighttime with no house, only a crafting table.

Select the two correct answers
Cowardly hide underground
Get some wood to make weapons and go get some leather for armor
Make a trap for the monsters. Like, come over to a moutain dig a big hole, and tease the monsters into the hole and trap them there and let them out at day, killing them.
What is a mob?!

You head off to get some meat and see no pigs, cows, or chickens. What do you do!

Build several houses with multiple beds around the server. When its sunset there has got to have one house near me!
Spawn pigs, cows, and sheep and spread them around the server. Then kill a few.
Hide underground. There is nothing to do to survive. You failed minecraft. And this test.

Pick the rarest mob:

Banana man!
Here-o-brin?...Wait whats his name?
Spider Jockey.
What. Is. a. MOB!?

Last question.

Did I fail? I failed. Wait who am I???
Sad. :C
-Walks away hissing then explodes-
Im on fire. Really.
Baiiii! -Brofist-

Derp. You got trolled!!!

-Spawns lightning-
XD I dont get it.
-hisses and explodes-
Yay! Bai T3T
I thought this was the last one... ._. -Starts creating another minecraft- Notch.. e3e
-Takes your diamond swords, diamonds, redstone, ect. and teleports off.- Bai now :L