Staff Training Quiz

This is to take after you have watched the video. You MUST watch the video first. If you score 80% or higher you will get op back. If you get lower that that you have to wait 3 weeks to take it again.

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What Command Should You Never Use And Invades Your Privacy?

No Of The Above
All Of The Above

What Do You Do If A Staff Member Or Other Player Is Breaking The Rules Badly?

Select the three correct answers
Tell Other Staff
/kill them
Report Them On Website
/ban (player)
Tell Owner Or Co-Owner Or Head Admin Or Head Mod
/kick them for a warning

If Some On Wants To Play survival What Things Do You NOT Do?

Select the three correct answers
Give them diamond
Let Them Play
Tell Them To Never Play Survival
Ask to play with them

Type The Command To Show You All Possible Commands

Why Do Staff Serve Player Service

Select the two correct answers
Keep players happy
So they tell there friends
So they are bored

If a new person enters the server what do you say?

Go Away

If you See Someone Using Bad Language, What Do You Do

tell all staff
/kick (player) (reason)
Ignore Them

Type The Command That Kills All Players On Survival And Never Be Used

Where did you watch the video?

Select the three correct answers
Did Not Watch Video

What Website Do You Report Players/Staff
Don't Report Any Player