Do you know how to research?

A short quiz to see how well you know the basics of research--using Boolean Indicators, rating sites, and types of notetaking.

published on September 19, 20114 responses 0

What should you do first when starting to research?

gather materials--note cards or note pages, pen, books, internet
set up a notetaking system
both a and b

All science classes use ____ style.


When paraphrasing, you should

put the information in your own words
reference the author and date
both a and b

When quoting the author, you should

copy the words exactly with quotations
put the ideas in your own words
use question marks

When researching, you should always

use quotes
put in some of your own ideas on the facts you find
use only one source

Databases are a good first stop on your research journey because

they are reliable sites
they are easy
both a and b

Which of the following are Boolean Indicators that can help you find sites quicker?

and, or, not
quotation marks
both a and b

Why do you need to RATE a site?

figure out who wrote it
decide if it is reliable
to see how fun it will be