Dental Charting

This quiz is to show how much you know about dental charting and dental terminology.

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Which of the following is NOT part of charting entries?

Make all exam entries in ink.
Be accurate and write everyting out.
Ask questions if you didn't understand something.

What do Dental Charts include?

Patient's hobbies and intrests.
A portfolio of their best selfies.
Their medical and dental history.

What are the three sections of a Dental Chart?

Patient Identification Information, Financial information, Patient's Treatment records.
Examination Findings and Treatment Plans, Patient Identification Information, The Treatment Record
Their Resume, Car insurance information, IG username

What happens charts are requested?

Send them the charts without any questions asked.
Send summary or copy of chart.

How do you show that a restoration is present but must be replaced?

Solid blue outlined in red.