Whats the area of the colored area

I'm a math wiz, so my dad says and I just want to see if you can solve this as easy as I can.

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If one side of a square is 4in and the other is 7in, and another square inside of it is 2in by 4in what is area of the colored area?


If the perimeter of square is 84 what is the area?

What is 4/24 simplified?

I have no idea

4,786 in expanded form is....

10x4to the 4 power plus 10x7 cubed+10squared X 6
4 x 10 cubed+ 7 x 10 squared+ 8 x 10 to the first power+ 6 x 10 to the nothing (10 to the nothing=1)
English please

Have you been guessing these question's or actually doing the math?