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About everything, this is a quiz about absoultly everything:L! (well most things)

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How much gold can you hold in an elephants ear?

it depends what type of elephant it is
i dont know, duhh!

where is olly murs song 'heart skips a beat' set?

Select the one correct answers
in a cinema
on a racing track
at a skate park

What color comes first in a rainbow?

tecnicolly its red
i dont care to be honest
it phically depends on the sequance

What is david beckhams daughter called?

Select the one correct answers
harper eight
harper seven
harper heaven

what colour is a red grape?

Select the one correct answers
duhh red.
erm im not sure...
im a dumb thing!

Im a bumble bee

Select the one correct answers
fly fly away....
just keep swiming swimming swimming....

How many planes where hijacked in 2001 at the terriost attack?


If you where the queen what would you do to a pair of pants?

use them as a duster
lick them clean
get a servant to hand wash them

where is disney land paris?

Select the one correct answers
amercia, god!
paris,france, duhh!
flordia, i think....

how many time a day worldwide are children given to the wrong mother in hospitals?