OBZ Weekly Quiz | 18-24 September 2011

OBZ Weekly Quiz | 18-24 September 2011

Read the questions carefully and be reminded that some questions need two or more answers. Please do not share your answers or the right answers which will generate upon submission.

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“This Package is perfect for you and your family because…” What part of Selling to your Customer’s Emotion is this sample verbiage?


When do you ask your customer if it’s their 1st time to book w/ Orbitz or Cheaptickets if they want to book a package?

At the onset of the call .
After you get their buy-in.
While asking your qualifying questions.

A customer calls to make a flight reservation. He mentioned that he already booked a hotel room earlier. Should you waive the $25 Agent Assisted Booking Fee?


The customer objects the Telesales Fee collection. Agent offers the $25 Restaurant.com gift certificate. Customer accepts offer. How many $25 GCs will you give for the 4 adults on the itinerary?


Which is a not a valid reason for a transfer. Choose from the following scenarios:

Customer is asking to have the password reset.
Customer is asking for seat reinstatement or request for a participating airline.
Customer is asking to cancel a flight reservation and it is still within the cancellation period.
None of the above

Mr. Gradstein tried to book a package online but the price has increased? What is the best verbiage to explain how the price increases?

Prices can change frequently due to demand on the website.
Prices can change often due to availability of flights/ hotel rooms/ cars.
Availability is constantly changing for flights, hotels and cars. As availability decreases, the rates can go up.
While we try to keep our rates as up to date as possible, occasionally the price which displays on the search results page is no longer available. We apologize for the confusion but as availability changes, so does the cost.

Where can we find a newly changed layout in the Orbitz website wherein customer can quickly find answer to questions and get them an agent who can assist them more effectively. This page will have a matrix on top of the page with popular subjects.

Deals Page
Cruises Page
My Accounts Page
Customer Support Page

During a call involving customer interested with a Hotel reservation, when do we ask the customer if it was their first time to book with Orbitz/Cheaptickets?

Onset of the call
It is not necessary to ask the customer
After sales presentation and customer commits to buy
Anytime so as long as it was asked

What is our TRG's current conversion goal per component?

DP- 30% | HTL- 40% | AIR- 37% | Insurance- 15% | AHT- 00:12:10 | Transfers- 15%
DP- 30% | HTL- 45% | AIR- 37% | Insurance- 15% | AHT- 00:12:10 | Transfers- 15%
DP- 30% | HTL- 40% | AIR- 37% | Insurance- 15% | AHT- 00:12:00 | Transfers- 15%
DP- 30% | HTL- 40% | AIR- 37% | Insurance- 12% | AHT- 00:12:10 | Transfers- 15%

Customer can send their complain to Orbitz/Cheaptickets by clicking the + icon at the bottom right hand side of the website.