Dead Rising 2 - The Game

Dead Rising 2 - The Game

Hey, Dead Rising Fans! This quiz is perfect for finding out just how many facts you know about Dead Rising 2!

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Where does Dead Rising 2 take place?

Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Fortune City
Willamette, Colorado

What is the name of the Security Guard (the last boss)?

Raymond Sullivan
Chuck Greene
Katey Green
Jim Greene

Why Chuck competed in Terror is Reality?

he was challenged by one of his friends
just for fun
to get enough money to buy Zombrex for Katey
to get rich

Chuck has ... days before the military arrive to find evidence that says otherwise.


How many people can play Dead Rising 2 in coop?

The game doesn't feature coop
Two players
Four players
Eight players

How much does one zombrex cost in the pawnshop?


Infected people will need Zombrex ...

every 12 hours
every 24 hours
every week
every month

Which of the following characters is news reporter?

Jenny Slaten
Stacey Forsythe
Bibi Love
Rebecca Chang

Which of the following platforms does Dead Rising 2 run on?

Select the three correct answers
XBOX 360

What company publishes Dead Rising 2?

ID Software

How do you make a rocket launcher in the creating room?

Lead pipes + Dynamite
Lead pipes + fireworks
Blowtorch + Dynamite

How can you unlock the cars in dead rising 2?

It's not possible
Beat all psychopaths in the game
Buy the keys from pawnshop
Kill 1000000 zombies