What is Pedagogical Documentation? (1)

Familiarize yourself with pedagogical documentation by taking this short quiz.

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Documentation is stronger when:

children and educators work together to make learning visible
the inclusion of multiple voices and perspectives can strengthen the understanding gained through the process as well as the document produced.
teachers and families communicate by helping each other document what the child has learned

Pedagogical documentation is used to:

Make learning visible to children, teachers, families, and the community.
To teach children a subject.
To show mom and dad what goes on in the classroom.
To make children feel important.

Pedagogical documentation is NOT:

Select the three correct answers
A record of the day's events
A scrapbook of children's work
A collage of the important events children participate in

What separates documentation from other forms of observation?

Use of reflection and scaffolding
Use of various tools and reflection
Use of analysis and reflection

What does "pedagogy" mean in documentation?

the METHOD or PROCESS of gathering artefacts, conversations, ideas, and displaying children’s learning, energy and theories
The method and practice of teaching
Using documentation to display children's learning

Who can document?

Select the three correct answers
Anyone involved in the learning process