English Test 1

This is for me to help me study for a big test in my English class if you are learning the same thing I am then you can use it too

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Type of epic poem, told about heroes, and were passed down orally

written by a specific author

long narrative poem, about a hero who goes on a dangerous quest

main character in which the epic is based on.

the plot of an epic is centered on the heroes struggle against obstacles

descriptive words or phrases

two things being compared using like or as

compare two unlike things without using like or as

basic plot, character, symbol, or idea

a story past down by word of mouth, lesson about life, magic

presents equal ideas in similar grammatical structures

explanation of now two things are similar

an overall meaning, message, or main idea

a broad statement

concise saying that reveals a truth about human experience

language used to create word pictures by using 1 or more of the 5 senses

use of strongly contrasting language, images, or ideas

Name the region between the Tigris and Euphrates river that saw the growth of the first major ancient civilization

list the major characters in The Epic of Gilgamesh

Describe Gilgamesh. Who is he and what is his quest?

3 examples of archetype in both Genesis and Gilgamesh

3 parts of the hebrew bible

3 themes of the bible

in the Mayan myth the wooden people how is women created

2 similarities between wooden people and book 1-3 of genesis

who views the Qur'an as the most important scripture in the world

the 5 pillars of wisdon

Select the five correct answers
expresses ones faith
pray 5 times a day
give charity
fast during Ramadan
go to Mecca

What is the Thousand and One Nights

What is the structure of Fisherman and the Jinnee

what is the setting for most of the stories in the thousand and one nights

what is a Jinnee

in the tale of sindbad and the falcon how does the falcon save the kings life?

in the sundiata describe mari djatas childhood

what does Mari Djatas feat at the end of the story suggest?